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South Carolina’s holiest city is also home to one of the best performance halls in the country. The Performance Hall at the Galliard Center offers a wide variety of concerts, special events, and live shows that have delighted fans ever since it’s 2015 opening. Even now, as it enters its 5th year of production, the Galliard Center’s brand new Performance Hall is still considered one of the best reasons to visit South Carolina and it looks like the venue won’t stop any time soon.

Whether you enjoy symphonies, orchestras, popular singers and groups, or anything in between, there’s a lot to love about the season line up that you can enjoy only at the Galliard Center. With great sightlines and excellent acoustics for some of the most hotly anticipated performances in the country, their tickets are the hot item for performance art lovers worldwide.

The performance hall may have 1,800 seats available, but tickets sell out fast. From the moment the box offices open, concert-goers from Charleston, nearby cities, and across the globe are quick to order tickets to their favorite upcoming shows and events. But you can skip the line and order your tickets right here. Check out this page to see what’s on stage at the Galliard Center, discover the secret history of the venue, and find out everything you need to make the most of your visit. With authenticated tickets and the information on this page, you’ll be ready for the show come opening night. So what are you waiting for?

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  • Fight Night - Theatrical Production

  • Fight Night - Theatrical Production

  • Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Live In Concert

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